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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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area, leave time. don't wait until 7 p.m. and say i'm going to beat the last car across. that's not going to work. once the closures are in place, you will not be allowed to access the closed point. >> reporter: nope. and the chp says drivers who try to get around their traffic breaks tonight on this weekend will be cited. kpix 5's mark kelly is live at the toll plaza just on the other side of where i'm standing. he is watching as commuters trying to make it across tonight. big lines? doesn't look like it. >> reporter: allen, honestly, right now just in the last few minutes, things have really lightened up here for traffic at this time of day. now, once the last car goes over that bridge, construction crews, they are going to get started and boy, do they have to. they have a lot of work ahead of them. here's a peek at crews hard at work on the new bridge hours before the old closes to the public for good. soon it will be time to get to work under a five-day home
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stretch deadline and a lot of manpower is expected. >> in terms of trucks bringing in asphalt and then trucks taking debris and material out, it could be around 6,000. >> reporter: those 6,000 truckloads of materials will make their way from pleasanton to the bridge using 580. officer daniel hill with chp admits, 6,000 is a lot of truckloads on the road but they will only be traveling during specific times, not all day long. >> we'll try as we do every day to keep the roadways running as fast and as smooth as possible. >> reporter: but they are going to make sure that traffic is flowing smoothly along that course to make sure that there's no delays for the materials that we need to get here on time. >> reporter: a key part of the project takes place around the toll plaza and recreating lanes leading to the new bridge. step 1 is grinding. crews will first tear up the old road before laying down asphalt for the new one. asphalt work is expected to take friday and saturday. and once the asphalt is cool and compacted, striping begins. then of course the striping has
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to dry before the final step putting up barriers to control traffic. each step here depends on the one before going smoothly. back at the bridge command center, officials say they are ready for the work to begin and the five-day clock to the opening of the new bridge to start ticking. >> think they have gotten to the point where they can really do as much as they could possibly do before the bridge closes. >> reporter: just to give you an idea of how much manpower all this construction over the next five days is going to take, they are going to have 20 to 30 people at any given time at the bay bridge command center making sure all this construction goes off smoothly. live at the toll plaza, mark kelly, kpix 5. all right, mark, thanks. now, if you haven't planned your alternatives for getting around, it's all right, you still have time. we have you covered. believe me, the local transit agencies have been planning these alternatives for months if not years. probably the biggest brunt will be absorbed by bart. they are going to be running
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trains around the clock starting tonight through monday evening. now, here's the thing. overnight service is going to be limited. those trains will run hourly. there will be 14 stations along two routes that will be running. concord to sfo and el cerrito del norte to dublin-pleasanton. but make sure you go online and check the schedules. ac transit not going to be able to get you across the bay during the closure, but it can get you to the bart trains. it will be offering service to four east bay stations. those are going to be coliseum, macarthur, north berkeley, and west oakland. of course, the ferry always a good option. san francisco bay ferry adding some extra crossings throughout the holiday weekend and the trip will come with a little added bonus, we're told. you can watch the bay bridge conversion work along the way. you're going to have a front row seat. pretty spectacular. there will be added ferry service between san francisco and sausalito but remember, the bay bridge closure is going to mean extra traffic if you are going to try to drive the
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golden gate or take the transit system's buses. they are expecting at least a 20% boost in ferry traffic if you plan to use it. give yourself some extra time and plan on what will be a parking nightmare. parking at the larkspur ferry always fills up fast. for more tips go to and tune in beginning tomorrow morning at 4:00. we'll have a special edition of kpix 5 morning news. we'll be covering all the angles to help get you around. but, of course, the smart people are going to figure it out and try to work from home, juliette. but not all of us can do that. paul deanno and i are going to talk a little bit more about that coming up. also coming up tonight, what it's going to take to get that old bridge down. it's quite a process not like they can just blow it up and let it fall in the water, you know. >> all right. allen martin, we'll see you in a few minutes with that part. and moving on now as the "rim" fire in yosemite continues to burning, san francisco utility bosses say the city's water supply is still okay.
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the fire has burned through more than 187,000 acres. it's still just 23% contained. and though some ash has fallen on the surface of the hetch hetchy reservoir, so far none of it has made it down to where san francisco's water is actually withdrawn. some 260 feet below the surface. ken bastida is live with mobile5 in tuolumne county now with the latest on the efforts to keep the reservoir safe. ken. >> reporter: yeah, hi, juliette. we're probably 6, 7 air miles to hetch hetchy right now. but i wanted to show you this spot because you can see this is what's left in the wake of the huge fire. it has burned out here like the martian surface. there is nothing alive out here. it's all been reduced to ash. it goes like there for mile after mile after mile. now, let's get to hetch hetchy. see those clouds in that's the fire blowing up to the east of us now. the wind has picked up and it's still raging out that way.
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now, let's go over here on the other side. these power poles go all the way to hetch hetchy. these transmission towers are carrying power normally to san francisco. but tonight, there's no power going through 'em. collateral damage from the "rim" fire only now being assessed even as fire crews continued to fight on to build more line around it. hetch hetchy water & power confirm to us that the system did sustain damage. at least one turbine at the kirkwood and the holme hydroelectric plants that sent power to the city of san francisco was damaged in the fire and repairs are under way. >> it's pushing into the park. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service is also confirming that the fire burned right down to the water's edge at hetch hetchy. >> the fire has moved to the west area of the lake of the hetch hetchy reservoir and then here it has come to the shoreline of the reservoir itself and it's pushing into
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the park in an easterly direction. >> reporter: he says the tactic now is to channel the fire up into the high country where there's nothing but granite. >> yes. these are rock outcrops here with as i mentioned a very low volume of fuel so the fire is going to almost burn itself out at least that's what we hope. >> reporter: all right. here's the de, juliette. san francisco is telling us that they can't restore power along the hetch hetchy lines until they have a chance to clean them off and inspect them and make their repairs. in the meantime, they are -- well, they have to deal with pg&e to provide enough power for the city of san francisco. and they are buying power on the open market. right now, that bill is getting close to a million dollars. reporting live from mariposa county, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> all right, ken. thanks. dozens of firefighters from across the bay area have joined the fight against the "rim" fire. just this morning, a group from alameda county packed their
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bags and headed for yosemite. in fact, so many bay area fire crews are working there there aren't a lot left to spare, especially in one county. we'll talk more about that tonight at 6:00. those firefighters could certainly use a break from the weather and paul joins us now. are they going to get one? >> they could use a break. they are not going to see much of a break there. humidity is up a little bit and temperatures aren't that hot. the wind isn't that bad. but as we look at the weather computer for yosemite and that fire area for the next couple of days, it is still going to be dry. it is still going to be sunny. and it's still going to be pretty warm. my forecast for tomorrow a high of 88 and a high on friday 90 degrees and the dry weather likely will continue through the weekend perhaps a little bit cooler towards saturday, sunday and labor day. now where they want dry weather right now? they want dry weather on that bay bridge behind me because they've got striping to do. they've got painting to do. and they've got some asphalt they need to put down. so we'll talk about the forecast for that and for your holiday weekend coming up in a few short minutes. >> all right, paul, thanks.
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that closure in just a few hours from now. these fires are unbelievable. we'll recover as long as everybody got out, you know, safe. >> a day after a devastating fire, a neighborhood returns home to see what's left. plus -- >> because they march, city councils changed and state legislatures changed and congress changed and yes, eventually the white house changed. >> president obama speaks to the nation in the same spot dr. martin luther king talked about his dream 50 years ago. ,, ,,
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>> nearly 50 people were evacuated but no one was hurt. this all started as a grass fire behind a neighborhood. strong winds pushed it into the homes. no word on what sparked it. other headlines around the bay area now, this cell phone video shows antioch police scrambling ahead of a deadly shooting. officers shot and killed a man yesterday after he reportedly pulled a gun and led them on a chase near wildflower drive. no officers were hurt. the shooting is under investigation and that's standard protocol. police are searching for an armed robber who locked a group of mcdonald's workers in their own freezer. he hit the restaurant in pleasanton around 3:00 this morning. it was closed. the robber reportedly broke in through the drive-through window and demanded money from the safe. no one was hurt. the faa has lifted a temporary restriction at sfo that prevented foreign carriers from landing their planes side by side. the restriction was put in
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place two weeks after july's deadly asiana airlines crash. the airport's instrument landing system was down at that time. it is now back in service. we are counting down to the closure of the bay bridge for the entire labor day weekend that begins at 8:00 tonight. we are high above the old span right next to it the new span. not a simultaneous thing that you will see. however, the work will go on simultaneously as soon as they close the old span, work beginning to open the new one and also work begins to demolish the old one. let's take a live look at the toll plaza if we can right now. it is a busy place, but given that it's wednesday, just after 5:00, it could be a whole lot busier. that is all going to change of course at 8:00 tonight with the rush to get the new bridge ready. now, as for the old one, it will take just three years to remove about 76 years of history. because of the environmental,
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the structural concerns, crews cannot simply just blow the thing up, blast it away, let it drop into the water. they have to actually disassemble it, take it apart, piece by piece, so they avoid a collapse and protect the bay. the first section to go, commuters probably are not going to cry here, the dreaded "s" curve goes first. some of the old bridge we're told will be kept for historic purposes. most of it will be recycled. a lot of it i'm told being taken to china. they will sell it for scrap. the total tab for the job about $240 million. a lot of commuters though ready to say good riddance to the old span! others, i know from talking to some of them they are a little more sentimental about it. rick grew up in the bay area, commutes across the bridge every, single day. just after sunrise today, he cam to yerba buena island to get one last look. >> i would love to just capture the very last day of it and just make, you know, a
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momentous occasion of it. i'll miss it. >> a lot of memories tied up in the 76 to 80 years that this bridge started construction, the time it opened 76 years ago and all the people all the commuters the commerce the tourists that it has carried, we have more on that coming up for you. but also, today a huge day in our nation's capital. the 50th anniversary of martin luther king, jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. we have that for you coming up on kpix 5. ,, ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does.
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memorial. fast forward to today: the first african american 50 years ago, the nation marched for racial equality on the steps of the lincoln memorial. fast forward to today. the first african-american president led the tribute to dr. martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech from those same steps. here's danielle nottingham. >> reporter: members of the king family and three u.s. presidents helped ring a bell marking the hour dr. martin luther king, jr. delivered his landmark speech. >> i have a dream today! >> reporter: president obama stood in the same spot where dr. king addressed a crowd of 250,000 in 1963. >> because they marched city councils changed and state legislatures changed and
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congress changed and, yes, eventually the white house changed. >> reporter: those here 50 years ago echoed calls to keep king's dream alive. >> we must never, ever give up. we must never, ever give in. we must keep the faith and keep our eyes on the prize. >> reporter: tens of thousands joined together in the rain for speeches, music and dance on the national mall. many weren't alive when king gave voice to the struggle for racial equality and others are civil rights veterans. this person helped organize the lunch counter sit-ins in mississippi. >> i had my arm in dr. king's and that was special. >> reporter: hundreds commemorated the 1963 march for jobs and freedom with a march through the streets of washington. >> this march and that speech changed america. >> reporter: a half century later, it was a day to reflect
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on how far the country has come and renew dr. king's call for jobs and freedom. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> oprah and former presidents clinton and carter were among today's speakers. we are just more than 2.5 hours from the bay bridge closing and if you don't have your alternative commute worked out, you need to get some plan in place because it is going to be a nightmare. we have seen it before in the past when they have closed down the bay bridge. so at 8:00 tonight it closes. but we found out today that a lot of people have a lot of ideas about how to get around this closure. >> we're going to have to probably stay away from the city. if we have to go into the city we'll probably have to go around 92 or perhaps the golden gate bridge. >> we'll take a bus. >> i guess we'll have it go all the way around, man, take the san mateo bridge and come back up. >> yeah. >> yeah. it's going to be a pain in the
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butt. >> they are closing it? okay. >> reporter: oh, yeah it's closing. those are the ones you're afraid of people who are caught off guard and don't have a plan. of course, not everybody needs a backup plan. ryan takeo shows us some people are lucky enough they get to work from home. >> it's going to be great tomorrow. reporter: consider mike the exception. he is not dreading tomorrow's commute because he won't have one. >> it's a huge relief. >> reporter: he will stay in the east bay the rest of the week. the company he works uses go to meeting. one-third of blaine matthew's workers work at home. >> more productive tomorrow because people won't be taking the time to compute. they can just stay home and get work done. >> reporter: remember the bart strike last month? that didn't bother duensing and many of his coworkers, either. >> whether it's a bart strike or bridge closure, it's a disruption in the commute. >> reporter: go to meeting's parent company sit tricks sees
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spikes when there's mass transit issues. during the bart strike during a normally slow week there was a lot of web traffic. bluejeans network another work from home option saw twice as many customers during the bart strike. it's no wonder why they went to the ferry building today trying to recruit new users. >> it's one more reason why people are frustrated were commuting. don't worry about it. you don't have to. >> kind of capitalizing on chaos or being opportunistic. >> right, it's relevant, right? because people are thinking about it. so if they are not aer what of the technology, they -- if they're not aware of the technology, they would never know what their options are. >> reporter: if you have the option to work at home, you have the opportunity for much less stress. in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> like we said, lucky to work from home. some people lucky enough to call treasure island, yerba buena island home. paul deanno is out here with me on the island with tonight's weather as the fog moves in.
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>> reporter: tell you what allen, it's a windy treasure island. you know, that's the big change from the norm. they had to take elements in mind when they designed this thing. the roadbed stretches a couple of miles and it is very thin almost like an airplane wing. as a matter of fact, engineers describe it as such. so what they have to do is they installed these things called wind vortex shutters under the roadbed. what that does it breaks up the wind and doesn't allow it to get in sync with the bridge because if that happens, the bridges have a history of moving up and down a little bit and if you're an engineer building a bridge you don't want that up and down. so wind vortex shutters under the road bridge to keep it secure. dublin right now sunshine warm 80s inland. tonight oakland down to 60 san jose down to 62. santa rosa dropping down to 56. let's take a look at our satellite review. there is still that big area of
5:22 pm
low pressure off the pacific northwest coastline. not really impacting us directly in the form of clouds and rain but it is having an indirect impact as you look at what's going to be going on the next couple of days, giving us a light onshore flow for both tomorrow and friday. that will be a continuation of the awesome weather that we have had recently with morning cloud cover, lots of afternoon sunshine and weather that's mild or warm but not really hot. it's kind of cutting the heat. but as we move forward through the holiday weekend, that same low pressure area now gets closer to us. it gets stronger so the onshore flow gets stronger and temperatures will drop for some of you pretty significantly as we head into and through the holiday weekend. so here's what to expect. more of the same beautiful weather afternoon sunshine for tomorrow and friday. we'll be a couple of degrees cooler on saturday, a more significant cooldown will come up on sunday and also for labor day monday. high temperatures tomorrow running pretty close to average downtown san francisco 69 degrees. your normal is 69. let's take a look at the south bay. sunnyvale with a high of 82. campbell 85. we'll head over to the east bay
5:23 pm
now. pleasant hill you will hit 88. 88 degrees for pittsburg. san rafael tomorrow 84 degrees. alameda 74 as i mentioned upper 60s in the city and cloverdale your high 89 degrees for your thursday. here is your extended forecast. we're staying mild with mainly sunny skies, mid-70s near the bay through friday. you'll likely make it to the low 90s inland before that change comes on saturday. stronger onshore flow, not as warm. upper 80s inland on saturday. lower 80s for sunday and monday. and near the bay, for most of the holiday weekend you will be staying in the 60s. we'll wave good-bye to the 70s and you will have more extensive morning drizzle and cloud cover. so a cooldown coming for the holiday weekend. but still really pleasant weather to get outside and no rainfall, no rainfall, hundreds of folks working on that bridge to get it finished, weather should not be a weather impediment for finishing up the new bay bridge. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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((brief scene-setter, toss the big bay bridge closure is coming up fast. allen, just a couple of hours
5:26 pm
left to get across. >> yes, jules:and behind me you can see the traffic really light. but these folks are pushing the limit. they want to be among the last to get across. and paul was talking about the wind. we're up on top of yerba buena island. we are really feeling the wind up here but so far it's a clear night. it's going to be a spectacular view as the sun sets and cars stop coming across the bridge. let's take a live look at the toll plaza as people are paying their last tolls until the new span opens on the tuesday morning. but you're not going to be the last car. we can guarantee that. that is a special honor that has been bestowed on bob faber. he has a vintage ford model a and they were hand-picked for that job to because bob's car one of the first to cross the bridge in 1936. and it will as i say be the last about 8:00 tonight. so we are witnessing history, juliette. it is really something. we hope it all goes smoothly
5:27 pm
all the commuters everybody has their fingers crossed. but so far, so good. we are right on track and 8:00 is when it closes tonight. >> all right, allen. thanks so much. and we'll be right back. ,,,, 'til labor day to reward yourself! get the queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497!
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into the national debate. good night. >> pelley: tonight, the president pays tribute to a king as he plans war on a dictator. >> in the face of impossible odds people who love their country can change it. >> pelley: jeff pegues on the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. david martin and holly williams on the countdown to an attack on syria. scientists discover a brain protein that improves memory. dr. jon lapook has the study. a cbs news poll out tonight reveals how much america is changing on race. and memories of the march from the foot soldiers who were there. icons of civil rights on what is left to be done. >> the future is in your hands, in your heart, in your mind. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting


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